Government visiting | 太仓副市长一行莅临慕贝尔考察

Government visiting | 太仓副市长一行莅临慕贝尔考察

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On Jun.24, 2020, Mr. Wu Jingyu, Vice Mayor of Taicang led a group of delegation visited Mubea China.The guests from local City Housing Construction Bureau, Transportation Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau and TEDA.


Mubea China, was selected as the only foreign enterprise of good practice in hazardous waste warehouse management for this work safety checking before Dragon Boat Festival.

慕贝尔中国区董事总经理Dietmar Hunecke先生,对此次政府来访表示热烈欢迎。在与吴副市长深入交流中,他强调慕贝尔在中国市场始终践行集团可持续发展理念, 并从以下方面考虑:

Mr. Dietmar Hunecke, Managing Director China expressed warmly welcome to local authorities and in-depth exchanged with Mr. Wu. Vice Mayor of Taicang on site. He emphasized  that we always practice the value of Mubea Sustainability in China region and approach from below aspects:

Proper adjust our business strategy to fit automotive structural adjustment


With more innovative products and high - quality service consistently contribution for China market


To shoulder our responsibility on Environment and Energy saving via entire product life time development


“非常感谢慕贝尔来太发展10多年做出的巨大贡献,期望贵公司可以持续发展并壮大业务,扎根中国,服务中国!” 吴副市长最后总结。

“Thanks for Mubea’s contribution for more than 10 years in Taicang and expects Mubea company keep sustainable growth in China market and better service for China.” Mr. Wu, Vice Mayor of Taicang said.

Sustainability at Mubea


As a manufacturer of lightweight products for the automotive industry and of components for industrial applications, we are able to influence the sustainability of our products, in particular in development and production. Starting in the design stage, we take recycling into account, we consider substitution possibilities for any substances that are hazardous to water and seek to avoid waste or dispose of it in a way that does not harm the environment. When it comes to process development and facility design, we set great store on lowering our consumption of water and energy, using less process material, thus reducing noise and air emissions.


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